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Story of the Talking Friends

The Talking Friends is a group of apps which consists of funny and cute little characters, who repeats everything you say! Meet Tom cat, Ben the dog, Angela the fashion lover, Ginger the kitty, Pierre the parrot and Hank the TV Fan! Funny, crazy, cute and adorable!

But wait, there's more Talking apps by Outfit7! Talking Rex the T-Rex, Talking Lila the Fairy, Talking Roby the Robot and more! But they don't belong to the gang of Tom.

Disney makes more and more episodes, some of the written episodes are here! Just click on Angela, Tom, Gina, Pierre, Ben or Ginger to see the written form of their starred episodes!

Featured Videos
Untalking Tom - Talking Tom and Friends (Season 1 Episode 1)11:02

Untalking Tom - Talking Tom and Friends (Season 1 Episode 1)

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