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Talking Pierre Parrot - Over it...

Talking Pierre Parrot


Pierre Parrot

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Talking Pierre Messenge





The characterEdit

Talking Pirre is one of the maincharacters in the disney series.

Talking Pierre is a very energetic and lively parrot, who lives in Talking Tom’s kitchen. He’s still a teenager and he likes to cause as much noise and destruction as possible.

When you talk to Pierre, he doesn’t just repeat your words … being a parrot, he remembers what you said previously and repeats it later at random. Thus he combines different parts of your sentences to create new funny ones. Sometimes he repeats just a part more than once and then adds something completely different at the end.

The AppEdit

Talking Pirre is an app for Android, IPhone and IPad.

Free verisonEdit

✔ Talk to Pierre and he will repeat with a twist.

✔ Poke him in the head or belly and see what his reaction is.

✔ Poke him in the feet and enjoy his little cowboy dance.

✔ Tickle his head or body to make him happy.

✔ Press the Blender button to switch the blender on. Once the blender is making noise, Pierre cannot hear you anymore.

✔ Press the Tomato button to throw tomatoes at him.

✔ Press the Cracked Teacup button to see him throw stuff to the floor making lovely noise.

Pay verisonEdit

✔ Press the Water Faucet button to see Pierre start sprinkling water around the kitchen.

Apple VerisonEdit

Same as Android.

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