Talking Gina - Sneaky toy giraffe

Talking Gina the Giraffe



Appearance in Apps

Talking Gina Messenger


Talking Ginger - Owner



The characterEdit

Talking Gina is a Toy to Talking Ginger.

Gina like to play hand clapping games.

The appEdit

How to Keep Gina Happy:Edit

✔ Play a hand clapping game with her (48 levels, each level with three speeds).

✔ Give her carrots, strawberries or ice cream to eat.

✔ Give her water or lemonade to drink.

✔ Don’t poke her.

✔ Don’t neglect her. Play with her every day.


✔ When Gina is 70% happy, you can make her juggle apples.

✔ When Gina is 90% happy, you get kisses from her.

✔ Every time you make Gina 100% happy, you get a new baby giraffe.

✔ When you finish all 48 levels of the game, you get medals for each completed speed.

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